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China best Heavy Duty Planetary Reducer Gearmotor Replacement Of Rossi R2E200 R2E201 R2E240 R2E241 R2E280 R2E355 R2E428 R2E429 R2E445 R2E446 R2E542 R2E543 R2E695 R2E696 near me supplier

Features Of Heavy Duty Planetary Reducer Gearmotor

  • Multistage modular design
  • Easy customization
  • Modular add ons
  • Ground gear (bevel gear and planetary gear)
  • Easy to apply to any industrial application
  • Shorten maintenance cycle
  • Easy to maintain
  • Global product and service support
  • Size – 4 sizes (1060… 3000)
  • Rated torque /tn2/ – from 1060000 to 3000000 n · M
  • Transmission ratio /in/ – 80… 1000

The models we can replace Rossi

ROSSI Model Our Model ROSSI Model Our Model ROSSI Model Our Model
R2E200 EP-R2E200 R3E200 EP-R3E200 R4E200 EP-R4E200
R2E201 EP-R2E201 R3E201 EP-R3E201 R4E201 EP-R4E201
R2E240 EP-R2E240 R3E240 EP-R3E240 R4E240 EP-R4E240
R2E241 EP-R2E241 R3E241 EP-R3E241 R4E241 EP-R4E241
R2E280 EP-R2E280 R3E280 EP-R3E280 R4E280 EP-R4E280
R2E355 EP-R2E355 R3E355 EP-R3E355 R4E355 EP-R4E355
R2E428 EP-R2E428 R3E428 EP-R3E428 R4E428 EP-R4E428
R2E429 EP-R2E429 R3E429 EP-R3E429 R4E429 EP-R4E429
R2E445 EP-R2E445 R3E445 EP-R3E445 R4E445 EP-R4E445
R2E446 EP-R2E446 R3E446 EP-R3E446 R4E446 EP-R4E446
R2E542 EP-R2E542 R3E542 EP-R3E542 R4E542 EP-R4E542
R2E543 EP-R2E543 R3E543 EP-R3E543 R4E543 EP-R4E543
R2E695 EP-R2E695 R3E695 EP-R3E695 R4E695 EP-R4E695
R2E696 EP-R2E696 R3E696 EP-R3E696 R4E696 EP-R4E696

Other Types of Planetary Gearboxes

Gear Speed Reducer for Tracked Vehicle Gear Speed Reducer for Winch Planetary Gear Reducer for Wheeled Vehicle
Planetary Slewing Drive Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Right Angle Gear Drives Power Wheel Planetary Gear Drive Feed Mixer Drive

How to install Rossi Planetary Reducer Gearmotor

❶Screw and tighten torque

Use screws and tightening torques according to the design and dimensions specified on the nameplate; At least level 10.9 is required, but in the case of heavy stress, alternating load, and impact, level 12.9 is used (if M2 < 70% × Mn2 can use grade 8.8).
Screws must be equipped with ISO 7089 washers (at least 300 HV). Carefully tighten the 12.9 screws. Over tightening will damage them.

❷Flange installation

Before installation, please pay attention to cleaning and carefully fitting the surface. In the presence of external radial load or required torque M2 > = 0,7 ×. In the case of Mn2, it applies to locking adhesive.

❸Installation of gear reducer with a rotary output

For the gear reducer with rotary output (output design RSH), to ensure the correct operation and excellent power transmission between the gear reducer and the machine, the gear reducer needs a rigid connection structure to bear the radial load.

❹Shaft installation layout

When installing the shaft, the gear reducer must be supported axially and radially by the shaft end of the driven machine, and only the reaction force with axial freedom of movement and sufficient clearance in its coupling to allow slight vibration is used to prevent rotation – always evidence – will not cause dangerous overload on the gear reducer.

❺Installation of the hollow shaft with shrink disk

carefully remove the surface of the hollow shaft and the shaft end of the driven machine to be installed. Install the shrink disc on the hollow shaft of the gear reducer. First, only lubricate the outer surface of the hollow shaft. Settle tighten the first 3 screws and position them at about 120 °. Install the gear reducer on the shaft end of the machine; Slowly insert the shaft to allow air to escape. Use a force measuring wrench to tighten it gradually and evenly in a continuous sequence (without crossing), about ¼ Turn several times until you can’t reach it again ¼ circle.  continue to apply the torque more than 1 or 2 times, and verify the bolt tightening torque. in heavy load cycles with frequent reversals, verify the bolt tightening torque again after several hours of operation.

❻Adjustment of meshing clearance

To adjust the meshing clearance, it is recommended to put itself in the initial minimum clearance state, which can be obtained by making a maximum eccentricity on the gear reducer surface:

-If it is an internal gear, it faces the center of the rack; In the case of external gear, 180 ° from the center of the rack. In this case, the meshing clearance shall not be less than 0,03 ÷ 0,04 x M. It is also recommended that the measured clearance is within the range recommended by the frame manufacturer. It is recommended that a calibrated thickness be used to measure the gap. Only high-quality grease suitable for high load gear lubrication can be used for pinion and rack lubrication.