Hot Sales Plastic Flexible Conveyor Chain

Hot Sales Plastic Flexible Conveyor Chain

Our items use POM&solPP materials so our items are wear resistant and resistant to heat &period They are largely used to the subsequent factor&colon
In beverage business palletizes&comma depolarizers&comma washers&comma labelers&comma fillers&comma pasteurizers&comma incliners&comma out feeds&comma elevators and accumulation tables are geared up with slat best chains&comma curves&comma sprockets&comma belts&comma leveling aspects and numerous more conveyor parts&period
For the container production sector unique goods and supplies are CZPT&comma this kind of as abrasion resistant polyamide for glass crops&comma vacuum chains for can producing and gripper chains for vertical transportation&interval
In automotive sector the products are engineered to fulfill the most demanding apps&comma these kinds of as rubber processing and tire handling&time period


Product HarPRR-TAB-K450
Pitch 38&period1mm
Width 114&period3mm
Bodyweight two&period5kg&solm
Material POM
Certification CZPT-2000&commaSGS&commaCE
Model CZPT


We are a leading producer of modular belts with expert staff&comma we can provide you with outstanding quality products&time period This variety of modular belt can be utilised in the following industries&colon

Beverage business these kinds of as acceleration&comma depletive and accumulation&period
Foods sector such as cool off lines and pack lines&period of time
Meat industry this kind of as tray pack line and metallic detectors&time period

They are mainly employed in the adhering to facet&colon

Spiral programs as proofing and freezing of croissants&comma cooling and resting
Bakery apps which includes raw dough managing&comma cooling strains and packing lines
Seafood applications such as tray packing traces
Meat poultry apps like packaging lines
Can producing&solfilling traces and accumulation tables
Fruit vegetable apps such as elevators&comma inspection tables and packaging traces

Make sure you contact us by the following details if you happen to be intrigued in our merchandise&colon

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Brand  CZPT 
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Hot Sales Plastic Flexible Conveyor Chain